List of the projects handeled in the years 2000 -2006 already accomplished or still in process.
Rural Electricity Transmission :
1 Supplying electricity to 49 villages, 270 km of transmission line in Sistan-Bloochestan province.
2 Supplying electricity to 33 villages, 144 km of transmission line in Jiroft – Kerman province.
3 Supplying electricity to 32 villages, 151 km of transmission line in
Zarand- Kerman province.
4 Supplying electricity to Dalgan , Chah-Daz , Iranshahr in Sistan-Bloochestan province.
5 Supplying electricity to the 38 villages of Bam-Kerman.
6 Supplying electricity to the 26 villages of Kahnooj - Kerman.
7 Supplying electricity to Negar post extending to Qeriat ol arab , 81 km line , in Kerman province.
8 Supplying electricity to 22 villages of Anbar-Abad and Jiroft , with 46 km Medium voltage and 35 km Low voltage transmission line , in Kerman province.
9 Supplying electricity to 19 villages of Baft and Jiroft , 34 km Medium voltage and 31 km low voltage transmission line.
10 Supplying electricity to 41 villages of Kerman , Zarand , Baft and Sirjan.
11 Supplying electricity to Foosk and Kapari villages in Kerman province.
12 Supplying elecricity includig design , Mapping ,procurement and erecting for 6.1 km in Chatrood , Kerman province.
13 Supplying electricity to7 villages in Bashagard Hormozgan province.
14 Supplying electricity to 27 villages of Bam ,Kahnooj and Jiroft in Kerman province.
15 Supplying electricity to 34 villages of Anbar –Abad and Jiroft in Kerman province.
16 Supplying electricity including design , mapping , procurement and erecting for 36 km line at Faryab Post in Kerman province.
17 Supplying electricity including design , mapping and procurement for 43 km line in Kerman province.
18 Performing operations to eliminate voltage drop in villages in Jiroft , Kerman province.
Projects In Fars Province :
1 Supplying electricity to the various phases of Sadra New Town.
2 Supplying electricity to 3 stations of gas pipe-lines.
3 Installation of one floating-roof srorage tank for Shiraz Refinery .
4 Supplying electricity to different units in Sadra New Town.
5 Supplying electricity to the new Homa Management Office.
6 Installation of electrical station of Hafez Telecommunication Center.
7 Installation of electrical station of Marvdasht Telecommunication center.
8 Installation of electrical station of Saadieh Telecommunication Center.
9 Supplying electricity to residential houses of 1&1 Factory .
10 Supplying electricity to the Communication Transmission Station of Bol-Ghan Lar province.
11 Supplying electricity to Communication Transmission Station of Khafr-Jahrom.
12 Installing the Ventilation & Aerification of Soda- Ash plant petrochemical industries.
13 Installing the street-lights of Shiraz Petrochemical Factory .
14 Supplying electricity to the central building of National-Gas Fars province.
15 Supplying electricity to the workshop of Shiraz Oil Cooperative Society.
16 Supplying the electricity of 1129 residential units for Cooperative Residential Co. of police office.
17 Supplying the electricity to the Pompage Station No 1 in Do –Koohahk near Shiraz.
18 Erecting 73 km aerial Medium Voltage electric substation power to supply electricity to the agricultural wells in Darab and Fasa
19 Performing the EPC of MTBE storage tanks for Shiraz Refinery.
Other Projects :
1 Installation of Shahid-Rajaee dock boulevard Lighting poles in Bandar-Abbas.
2 Installation of 2 storage tanks 1200m3 for Abadan-Refinery.
Production :
1 Production of 3000 concrete poles , in Ahram – Bushehr Province .
2 Production of 10000 concrete poles , in Iranshar – Sistan-Bloochestan Province .
Sistan & Baloochestan
electricity transmission to Gishtan Vilage, Iranshahr, 2000-2001
This is the widest province of Iran which is located in the south–east of the country with a long border with Pakistan & Afghanistan. Its long distance from Tehran ( capital city of Iran ) , together with its deserty climate with hot days and sand storms is the reason why social & economical growth has been low there.
The tender Moshaye participated was about electricity transmission to 57 villages , along 270 km line in a wide area of about 500 km. The project needed about 5000 concrete poles . In order to control the quality and coordinate different aspects of the plan we decided to have our own concrete poles manufacturing workshop . So dividing our workers to 2 teams, we had the job done simultaneously both in the pole manufacturing and installation of the transmission lines.
Signpost of Shahid Rajaee dock road - Bandar Abbas.
We are very pleased with the whole project compeleted and delivered to our employer, Electricity Regional Co. of Sistan-Bloochestan and we are confident that people living there experience the value of our job , in their daily life .

With the experience of Moshaye in Sistan & Bloochestan , it looked easy to obtain another contract of transmitting electricity to various villages in Kerman a province in Sistan –Bloochestan neighbourhood. We won two contracts of the same kind ‘ Electricity Transmission to 68 Villages’.
Kerman - Transmission line
We set up our main office in Kerman city with a well- experienced team and from there teams were sent to the proper regions. We are sure the proficiency of the job done by our staff was the main reason why we gained another pair of contracts there before our first ones beeing compeleted.  

Storage –tank Constructions.
Storage Tank, Abadan Refinery, 2002-2003
Moshaye has been able to handle more than one project in this field both in Shiraz Refinery & Abadan Refinery.Manufacturing storage tanks with steady or floating roofs.It was throughly far from the rest of our previous activities , nevertheless, Moshaye showed so successful in the first project that we welcomed new contracts in the same field.